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Saint John the Russian Private Tour

Άγιος Ιωάννης, Εύβοια, Greece
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5-7 hours

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English, Russian


Saint John the Russian Private Tour

St. John the Russian The tour includes a trip to the village of Prokopi on about. Euboea, visiting the church of St. John the Russian (his holy relics are kept here), free time for a walk around the village, return to Athens with a check-in, on the way, to a tavern (at the request of the client), free time for food.

The Church of St. John the Russian is located in Prokopi and is dedicated to the saint. One of the most famous places of pilgrimage not only in Eubia but also in Greece is the monastery of St. John the Russian, located in Prokopi in the north of Eubia. The relics of the saint, transported from Prokopi in Central Asia by believing refugees, are stored in the temple.

Saint John the Russian was born in Russia around 1690. When the war between Russia and Turkey began in 1711, he participated in the battles but was taken prisoner by the Turks. Thus he fell into slavery. After some time, his master, a Mameluke, returns to his native village of Urgup (Prokopi) in Asia Minor to Cappadocia and brings a captive with him. Here, after long and persistent attempts, the Turks abandoned the idea of ​​making John a co-religionist. Thanks to his diligence and integrity in matters of faith, he is respected by local Christians and Muslims.

His life in the village is accompanied by miraculous events that point to John being chosen by God. When he dies, the owner allows Christians to bury him with full honors in the local church of St. George. Here, from all over Cappadocia, not only Christians but also Turks come for a miracle to his relics… In 1924, during the exchange of population between Turkey and Greece, residents of the village of Prokopi from Turkey moved here to about. Euboea, they found here the village of the same name Prokopi. They bring with them the relics of St. Pilgrims come to the relics of St. John the Russian for a cure. It is believed that the Saint helps children well, especially those with drug addiction.

Every year on May 27 – the day of the memory of the saint – thousands of believers come to honor and pray to the saint. Christians from all over the world flock to bow to him and call for help in difficult times.

On the eve of the feast of the saint, many believers – on May 26 – but also on May 27 go on foot to the temple to worship, covering a distance of 30 to 50 kilometers, as a sign of their living faith. Prokopi is located 50 km from Chalkis, but the route is wonderful and you will definitely enjoy it.

A trip around the island passes through picturesque places. Having slightly changed the route, it is possible to visit mountain waterfalls.


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  • Tickets for entry to the archaeological zones - Price: 14 Euro
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  • Dinner


5-7 hours

Tour Type


Tour's Location

Άγιος Ιωάννης, Εύβοια, Greece


Do I need to arrive at my designated departure point?
No. You won't have to go anywhere. We will pick you up at the hotel where you live in the area of the city of Athens.
What car is the tour in?
It depends on the number of people in the group in case of a group tour. And if it is an individual tour, then it depends on you and how many people you are. You can see all our machines on our website.
Will the car be comfortable?
All our machines are of the latest generation with every comfort.
Where will they leave me after the tour?
We will leave you where we got you from.
How safe is the movement during the tour?
All our drivers are highly experienced.


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