Sightseeing tour of Athens with a visit to the Acropolis

Athens is an amazing city with a long history and numerous sights. Visiting this unique place leaves an unforgettable impression and a lot of indelible emotions.

For many years of existence in the city were built magnificent monuments of architecture. It is the capital of the Greek state, which today has become an attractive modern metropolis with unsurpassed charm and luxury.

The main archaeological site is the Acropolis, from which the journey begins through Athens.

On a high hill stretches a complex of ancient temples, whose original purpose was to protect city dwellers from enemies.

Before the visitors, the majestic temple of Zeus rises, and also an amazing terrain with numerous churches, the sizes of which are 300 by 130 meters. Greek decoration has survived to this day only in small quantities, but thanks to skillful hands of masters of the Acropolis returned the original look, which helps tourists learn more about the Greek culture of the past.

Here is a masterpiece of world architecture and art - the Temple of the Parthenon.

Only a hundred meters from the sacred Acropolis rock there is the Acropolis Museum, which is a modern work of architecture. It is made using glass, steel and concrete, and it houses more than 4 thousand unique finds of the Acropolis, representing its history.

Legend says that the founder of Athens and the Upper City was Cecrops, a half-human, half-snake, who erected temples of the Acropolis dedicated to the goddess of wisdom. Over the years, more and more temples have grown here, becoming world masterpieces.

Excursion tours to this paradise - this is an exciting journey into the mysterious past and meeting with the beautiful modernity.


    Lycabetus Hill
    Odeon of Herodes Atticus
    Old Olympic Stadium
    Presidential palace
    Changing Guards Guard
    Syntagma Square
    Trilogy of Culture (academy, university, library of Athens)
    New Acropolis Museum or Ancient Greek Agora

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