Night tour of Athens

Athens is a place where you can travel not only during the day. At night for its guests this city offers a lot of entertainment and options for an interesting pastime. In addition, at night the city acquires a completely different, romantic-bewitching look. Go on an overnight walk with friends, the other half or alone and you will know this city from an entirely different angle.

Going on a night voyage, remember, in Athens you can walk day and night, completely forgetting about time. A lot of musical sounds, from folklore genre to modern times, sound in this city from everywhere, inviting to join in the fun. Nightlife is bubbling and shimmering with bright colors, inviting city guests to plunge into it with their heads.

At night you can visit bars and cafes, go to a concert of celebrities, visit a disco, hear a concert of live music, learn to dance the Greek folk dance and much more. The nightlife of Athens can offer no less than the day, and maybe even more. In any case, no matter what you choose, the next morning you will surely feel that you lived a little life at night and this time was simply incomparable to anything.

Also at night you can climb the famous Likavitos hill and see the night city from a bird's eye view. Everyone will appreciate this enchanting sight and will want to come back here again. The iridescent lights of the city, the glow of the sea, the coolness of the night and the light breeze will meet you on the hill. This place has a special energy, unique spirit and beauty.

Also for lovers of night city landscapes, the Acropolis itself has a highland - Areopagus, which will allow you to enjoy the lights of the Parthenon and the city of Athens in no less glamor than from the height of the Likavitos hill.


    Lycabetus Hill
    Odeon of Herodes Atticus
    Old Olympic Stadium
    Presidential palace
    Changing Guards Guard
    Syntagma Square
    Trilogy of Culture (academy, university, library of Athens)
    New Acropolis Museum or Ancient Greek Agora

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