Delphi and Meteora Tour

In the small town of Kalambaka in Greece is the park of Meteora. It is a monastery complex built on the tops of steep cliffs. Architectural creations rise at a height of more than half a kilometer from the surface of the earth.


Visiting this popular and truly unique place causes a lot of impressions. Therefore, sightseeing tours to Meteora are organized in almost every hotel. In Greek, the name of the park means "hovering in the air." He combines the greatness of nature and the creation of human hands.


In the complex there are 24 monasteries. Six of them are valid. The visiting program begins with an inspection of one of the monastery, the path to which is very complex and is designed for hardy visitors. To achieve the goal you need to overcome the ladder with a length of more than a hundred steps.


Speaking about the history of this place, it is worth noting: after carrying out a series of studies, historians came to the conclusion that the erection of the first skete on the plummet of the rock was completed in 950. With the help of special ropes the monks lifted heavy stones upward. Rope lifts were also used to raise people to the monastery until the first half of the last century. Later they were replaced by stone stairs.


It is known about many facts of graves in the monastery. The rite of farewell with the deceased is observed here by Greek monks to this day. During the first burial, the body wrapped in cloth is placed for three years in the grave. At the end of this period, the remains are uncovered and judged how righteous the earthly life of the deceased was.


The decayed body and white bones of a smooth structure indicate that the deceased really gave his life to the service of God, and the place of the remains in the vault. Otherwise, the deceased is considered a sinner. The body is subject to re-burial, and monks pray for the sins of the deceased from God.


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