Meteora Tour

Meteora are one of the most beautiful places on earth, one of the wonders of the world. For everyone who visits Greece, this place is a must for a visit.

What are Monasteries of Meteora?

Monasteries of Meteora are located high in the mountains, just below the mountain peaks. Meteora literally means "hover in the air." In this there is some truth: in the morning or in the evening the fog rises to the sky, there is a feeling of being above the clouds. Today six monasteries are open. All of them are available for visiting. Most often, being just below the mountain peak (where monasteries are located), picturesque landscapes and landscapes open. In any weather, the sky fascinates tourists with its mystery and beauty.

Excursion to Meteora

Athens and Monasteries of Meteora separate 350 km of the road. On average, you can go in one direction in 4.5-5 hours. Because of the long road, the excursion to Meteora is organized for two days. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy the trip, and not rushing to inspect the main objects. But, if time is limited, then except for a one-day tour, there are no other options. Visiting Meteors, experienced tourists recommend to visit Delphi. However, such excursions are offered only in season (mainly in summer).

Types of excursion

There are 3 different options in total, how you can visit this place:

    Independently planned route. The obvious drawback - a tourist is not oriented in the locality, it will be extremely problematic to learn something independently;

    Group trip by bus;
    Individual tour on the minivan with a visit to the monasteries (+ guide).

At the moment, the greatest demand is the third option. It has a number of advantages:

    No need to hurry, the excursion to Meteora passes calm and measured;
    The guide is only  for you. This allows you to find out exactly what is interesting;
    The duration of the tour is determined by the customer;
    This rest is more romantic, in the absence of strangers;
    You can spend more time on any of the objects;
    Getting easier and more convenient.

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