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Greece annually attracts millions of tourists with an abundance of attractions with a deep historical past. Each trip is a small journey to the origins of a small and beautiful state, rich in architecture and plant life, located on stony slopes.

Olympia is a touch on the history of Hellas.

The ancient city of Olympia is located in the north-west of the Peloponnese. It is, in a way, the cradle of numerous myths and legends that have enveloped the small island with a halo of mystery and attractiveness. Can it be otherwise? Olympia is founded in honor of the Thunderer of Zeus, here the birthplace of traditional Olympic games, which were the result of the Olympics held in Olympia.

Olympia from antiquity was famous for the developed sports direction and religiousness of inhabitants. Therefore all historical constructions and constructions – cult also were or a tribute of worship of a sports idol, or the Olympic deity.

The main temple of the city is dedicated to Zeus, in which was located the statue of the same name, majestic in its time, having a pedestal of more than 3 meters. This is part of the cult complex, which includes several sanctuaries, temples dedicated to the main gods of Olympus. Here was the workshop of Phidias and the cells of the priests.

Athletic facilities
The Olympic Stadium and the Olympic Village are the following facilities that are visited on a par with ancient temples. Capacity - about 40 thousand spectators. Until now, the bench of judges has remained. Traditionally in this place the Olympic flame is lit every year.

Several museums in which you can get acquainted with the history of the city: Archaeological, Historical, in which you can describe the history of the development of the Olympic Games and modern sports.

The modern city harmoniously combines the past and the present. The ancient part of the city has traditionally been a favorite place for visiting foreign tourists.

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